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Welcome to Kleencut Lawns - Garden Maintenance Services Provider

A one-stop company that offers a wide range of lawn mowing and gardening services. As a trusted garden maintenance North Shore service provider, we offer tailor-made garden maintenance programs that include lawn mowing, regular hedge trimming, all aspects gardening and weed control, and garden clean up services in North Shore.

We undertake a thorough cleanup program that will include disposing the green waste from your garden. With many years of experience we at Kleencut lawns guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the end result. Our garden maintenance services in North Shore leave nothing to guesswork. We take care of your need reasonably and reliably.

With highly professional yet friendly services, we make sure that our clients are left with nothing but perfectly manicured lawns and gardens. Kleencut provides commercial and residential lawn and garden maintenance in Auckland.

Earlier Gardner used to do all the tasks of your home garden such as cutting, watering the plant, etc but nowadays these all tasks are done by various companies normally known as garden maintenance companies. These types of companies provide lawn mowing and gardening services at a very affordable cost. If you are also looking for garden maintenance services then you can easily contact Garden Maintenance North Shore. In the maintenance service, they will provide various gardening services such as lawn mowing, regular hedge trimming, and garden clean up services all in the North Shore. If you need service for your residential or commercial area then don’t worry we will always provide you perfectly manicured lawns and gardens. We will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are living in Auckland then it is great you can hire our Garden Maintenance Services in North Shore. We have a very large team who is very well experienced in all the garden maintenance services so don’t worry about the quality of the work.

You have to do one thing only just visit our website call us at the given number. Our team will reach you in some time. Our services include regular hedging, trimming, and pruning of your garden. For those homeowners who love to spend time in green lawns for them, regular garden maintenance is very much important. It is time to invest in something very much beautiful and precious. Just call us and leave all your worries related to the garden to us. We take proper care of the garden and the waste which is generated from it is also managed by us. We know how to enhance the overall look of your property. Just contact us today. Our designs and concepts are unique you will surely want to contact us again and again.

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Our Services

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

A consistently maintained lush green lawn is…

Gardening Services

Gardening Services

Regular maintenance of garden is vital to…

Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming

Hedges play a key role in outdoor…

Rubbish Removal

Rubbish Removal

Though you might put great efforts to…

Weed Spraying

Weed Spraying

We have experienced weed spraying handlers who…

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing Service in Auckland

A consistently maintained lush green lawn is something very pleasant to behold. Mowing the lawn regularly helps keep grass short, even and neat. This also adds to a very well-manicured & orderly appearance of your lawn. Mowing should be done at the correct frequency and height. You can contact us for the most advanced and reliable lawn mowing North Shore in Auckland.

We offer lawn mowing services to meet your needs, mulch mowing, catch mowing, clippings can be removed or left onsite, as part of the service your edges are trimmed and paths blown clean. Our lawn mowing services in North Shore stand taller among the competitors in terms of quality, reliability and professionalism.

Our proficient lawn mowing team loves to mow residential as well as commercial lawns. No lawn is too big or too small: from a very large lawn to a small roadside patch of grass, our tailor-made lawn mowing services are easily scalable to suit all of your requirements. If you are searching for the best local lawn mowing services in North Shore, you can contact us.

Everyone loves to walk in the maintained lush green lawn, especially when it comes to your residential property. Walk-in very green lush lawn is something very pleasant. So if you are looking for someone to take care of your lawn then lawn mowing north shore is best for you. The lawn mowing services Auckland not only cut your grass lawn but they will clean and clear your lawn completely. The staff of the Auckland lawn mowing services cut your garden grass in proper shape and height. We provide one of the best services as compare to our competitors. We are proficient in maintaining both the lawn its either residential or commercial. So contact us to get our services at a very affordable price. If you want to fertilize your lawn then you can easily do that after mowing, in this lawn mowing Northshore can easily help you.

Lawn mowing

Lawn mowing Northshore offered services such as mulch mowing, catch mowing, clippings can be removed or left on site. We trim your lawn edges and clear your paths also. By hiring us you will get to know about our services and how professional we are.
You need to contact north shore lawn mowing services toll-free number to know about prices.
Right now we are not offering any discounts you need to contact lawnmowers north shore on the given number on the website to know more about the pricing detail. You can also request us for free quite as well. So don’t worry about the prices you will get all the garden maintenance service at a very affordable price. Contact today.
Gardening Services

Gardening Services

Regular maintenance of garden is vital to its beauty, healthier growth & quality. As a part of our commitment to ‘Keeping Auckland clean’, our garden maintenance team delivers excellent quality gardening services for residential as well as commercial spaces. Our experienced team carry many years of experience in the industry and therefore, strives to cover all aspects of gardening. We have a real passion to deliver highest possible quality standards to our valuable customers.

  • Lawn mowing
  • Garden tidy ups
  • Garden maintenence
  • Weeding
  • Hedge trimming
  • Small trees, shrubs and bushes shaped
  • Pruning of shrubs, bushes & trees
  • Application of weed control chemicals
  • Green waste removal

Delivering first class gardening services to our customers is always our topmost priority. Don’t hesitate to reach us; we are just one call away!

Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming

Hedges play a key role in outdoor design and landscaping. They help add multiple drops of beauty as well as privacy to your yard. Making your hedges look at their best require regular maintenance. Doing it by yourself will be time consuming and you will also need to have a thorough understanding of appropriate pruning for each type of plant. Kleencut Lawns offer an extensive range of services including complete hedge trimming for your spaces. You can contact us today to request an obligation free quote. We perform both formative as well as maintenance hedge trimming.

Each hedge trimming project starts with a site visit, from this we can provide you a detailed quote. We remove and dispose of all the green waste.

Hedge adds a complete beautification to any property or garden. Hedges are made up of completely multiple shrubs that have been planted in a straight row to blend. This acts as an attractive border of your house, not only this it gives a form of complete privacy as well around your house. So make it more attractive regular hedge trimming is a must for every garden. A nonflowering hedge looks very bad so it is very important to trim them to get them in proper shape, so for this professional services are best. Everyone loves to maintain their decorative border, so it is very important to hire professionals or you can say you need to take help from garden maintenance services to properly take care of hedges. Whether your garden has small bushes or large regularly and proper maintenance is very much important. So whenever you need any garden maintenance services you can contact kleencutlawns for that.

Hedge trimming

Hedge trimming should be done once in a year to keep them in proper shape and rest depends on the climate and amount of the rainfall. Not only this, it promotes the health of the plant as well which is equally very important.
For the longevity of plants, it is very important to trim the hedge on time. To give your shrubs a proper shape hedge trimming is very necessary. This is all done by the garden maintenance companies.
It is quite difficult to bring back overgrown hedges to their original shape because extensive work and lots of effort should be done to bring them back. That’s is why it is advised to call professionals for regular maintenance.
Rubbish Removal

Rubbish Removal North Shore

Though you might put great efforts to keep your garden or lawn both green and healthy, but still there are things like organic wastes and debris that deteriorate the beauty of your garden and need to be removed and cleaned on regular basis. We at Kleencut Lawns can take care of all your rubbish removal needs for both residential and commercial facilities.

You can expect top-quality rubbish removal services in North Shore when you hire us. We are the one who take the burden of rubbish removal away from your shoulders. We remove all kind of green wastes that are produced within the garden. We remove all rubbish in the garden, be it dried twigs and leaves, fallen branches, lawn clippings and hedge trimmings.

With Kleencut Lawns, you must be assured to have quality rubbish removal services in North Shore and that too offered competitive market rates.

People often throw away their waste products carelessly and damages the environment with it especially the waste products of the garden and debris. But with the help of Rubbish Removal Services in North Shore, you get the option to become more environmentally friendly and dump their junk in the right place. We are the people who are providing the service of rubbish removal in North Shore so that people use it more often and get a clean and safer environment. Just give us a call we will clean your all the rubbish in the garden, be it dried twigs and leaves, fallen branches, lawn clippings, and hedge trimmings, etc. We will remove all kinds of rubbish from your garden which is produced from the green waste. So, just call us and sit and relax. We will clean your garden in a very quick way. Call us today.

Rubbish removal

You need to contact us on the given number. By visiting our website you can easily found that.
we will clean you all the rubbish in the garden, its either dried twigs, and leaves, fallen branches, lawn clippings, hedge trimmings, etc. by visiting at our website and after tried our services once you will get to know the quality rubbish removal services in North Shore and that too offered competitive market rates.
You need to contact our executive for that. They will tell you according to the area.
No, we don’t charge any advance payment for any kind of maintenance service.
Weed Spraying

Weed Spraying

We have experienced weed spraying handlers who take care of all your weed spraying and weed control needs, whether it be spot weed spraying the garden or weed spraying paved areas our team will take care of your needs.

Kleencut Lawns offers trustworthy weed spraying services in North Shore for our customers. If you don’t control the weeds in your lawn or garden, you would end up facing serious consequences. Our advanced weed spraying methods optimize the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your garden perfectly.

At Kleencut Lawns, we have a team of accomplished professionals who are adept at performing weed spraying brilliantly. They make use of environmental friendly methods to safeguard the health of plants as well as our customers. You can expect the use of most sophisticated tools and technology when you depend on our local weed spraying service in Auckland.

We perform weed spraying services in North Shore on time with a clear focus on quality. You can expect a detailed quote before starting the project. Our method of approach is highly transparent and ethical as well. We listen to your needs carefully and get the job done effectively to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Customer Testimonials

  • “We had Chris mowing our lawns fortnightly for approximately a year and he was totally awesome, completely lovely, super easy to deal with and fully reliable. We didn't even have to worry that the lawns wouldn't get done on time, he always turned up on time. Would have loved to keep using his services but have moved in to an apartment with no gardens at all, however we totally 100% would recommend Chris and his business to everyone! Thanks Chris”

    Ken Forrest Hill
  • “Had Chris over for an absolute mess of a job, he cleaned it up really well and for a reasonable price. Fast to respond and come over and do a quote and had the job done not long after. Would highly recommend! ”

    Dave Forrest Hill
  • “Chris is a really nice guy, very efficient to respond, honest and a hard worker. Would recommend his garden maintenance services.”

    Jasmin Torbay
  • “I highly recommend Chris at Kleencut – quick to respond, efficient once on site, does a quality job, and really nice to deal with. He’s done a great job weeding and tidying our garden, mowing lawns and clearing growth between pavers.”

    Philip Browns bay
  • “Chris did some weeding for me and I was very happy with his service. Will definitely use his company again.”

    Julia Devonport